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The Siena School

Do you like Ben & Jerry's? One Siena family visited the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory in Vermont this summer! They saw the flavor graveyard - flavors like blueberry and pina colada are buried there. #SienaOnTheGo ...

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The Siena School

Our faculty came back from summer break this week and are getting ready for the start of the school year! ...

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The Siena School

A Siena family enjoyed snacking at Lake Luzerne, NY this summer! #SienaOnTheGo ...

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The Siena School

A Siena family made it to the Mt. Washington Summit in New Hampshire this summer! It was 40 degrees at the top with 37mph winds. Make sure to send us your #SienaOnTheGo photos before school starts! ...

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The Siena School

Click to see the new dance floor that was installed in the Teatro this summer! ...

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Fine Arts


The Arts are infused into every aspect of life at Siena. Students study photography, drawing and painting, music, film, claymation and more. The arts are also integrated into their academic classes on a daily basis–from English to math to foreign language, as Siena taps into the visual and creative strengths of its students throughout the school day.

Students are introduced to Maker style projects through a series of workshops which explore tradition woodworking skills from concept and design to production. Students gain confidence with tools, construction and working models. Projects include:

  • Bridge building;
  • Toolboxes;
  • Architectural dwellings and;
  • Airplanes.

In elementary music, students gain experience playing and listening to a variety of styles of music and instruments. They are also given the opportunity to participate in the performing arts of the school band, chorus, musical and theatrical performances.

Students experience art, music and photography classes on a daily basis. Students are introduced to styles, movements, and techniques in art through observation, critique and projects. Art projects explore:

  • Cubism;
  • Pop-Art;
  • Story boards;
  • Abstract impressionism and;
  • Cityscapes.

Students in music learn how to describe pieces of music using music vocabulary, compare and contrast music of different styles and places, and make personal connections to pieces of music. They are also given the opportunity to participate in the performing arts of the:

  • School band;
  • Chorus;
  • Musical and;
  • Theatrical performances.

Through three years of photography, students will focus on:

  • Manipulating the three parts of Exposure Triangle;
  • Composition and practice using the rule of thirds;
  • Discovering macro photography;
  • Exploring color theory and;
  • Image manipulation in Photoshop.

Students gain knowledge about art history and vocabulary from a structural, historical and cultural perspective. Areas of study include:

  • Architectural drawings;
  • Neoclassicism;
  • Print making;
  • Sculpting;
  • Film analysis and;
  • Illuminated manuscripts.

Students choose between visual art, photography, and music and create a project exploring a central theme each quarter. Students will journey through a proposal, draft, self and group assessments, as well as a final presentation and question session regarding their concept and theories used. They are also given the opportunity to participate in the performing arts of the school band, chorus and musical and theatrical performances.

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